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I am infinite awareness.

i am infinite awareness.

all the meditation and teachings of the buddha, the gurus, the wisdom beings and the moments of inner clarity say we are that.

hours, days, months, and decades of dedicated practices, bring me to this.

i am not my body, i am not my mind, i am not even i am.

but here we are on this earth, in this body, doing all the things that we need to do. show up, speak, live the life we have placed before us. relate, work, make money to survive, raise our children, survive the dramas and traumas, awaken, try to make the world a better place, love the ones we’re with, be a beneficial presence.

this self. no self. this body. no body.

i am infinite awareness.

through it all, may we all find peace in this incarnation and be a light. one with the sun + stars + sea + peaks + creatures + space + you + me.

i am. you are.

infinite awareness.


ramram may we always come back again and again through our practice and devotion to this crazy wild and mysterious lila of life.

photoArt Mark Nadir

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