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“I bow to the energy that holds up the mountains.” ~Mirabai

It’s been over a month since I have been on social media, I decided to take a vacation from it, and allowed myself to let the mountains embrace me.

A much needed break after the emotional release of my book being published, an opportunity to ground back in to the Crested Butte community that has chosen me again after several years of living in Central and South America, and take a moment to gaze at the mirror of my own heart’s purpose for what comes next in my life.

Spring in the mountains is not everyone’s favorite, but I absolutely love the wild rushing rivers, the flowers blooming, and the expectancy of summers grand orchestration of wildflowers and Earths majestic beauty that takes your breath away.

“ I bow to the energy that holds up the mountains.”


So grateful!

I’ll be back on here, sharing about what’s coming next in my world, and though I love to see your posts, I will also be tending to my own soul’s garden and letting the mountains continue to hold me, and pray you are being held in all the ways you need as well!

RamRam friends, “love yourself and you love the world!”


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