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I Choose Love

I’ve been “my own best beloved” for over 2 years now and it’s hard to believe I haven’t been lonely for one day. I have certainly wished i had a warm body next to me, salty kisses, and someone to hold me when the tears fall, but i have leaned into the love that lives inside more than ever.

For me, Bhakti love is the love for the One, God, Source, Great Spirit, Christ, Whatever you choose to call it. It is the meaning of Yoga: union with the Divine. It is you, me, we, all.

My Gurus teaching is love. Even my first Guru; Jesus’s great teaching was love love love. All the great traditions meet in love.

Therefore I choose love again and again, and it chooses me through the mystic path that has no beginning, no end, and no words that can properly describe its depth of sweetness, pain, reckoning, and transforming power.

To choose love is to choose all of it.

I choose love.

Oh, if you have your beloved by your side may you have passion, peace, and magic. And if you are holding yourself today, as i am, may you still know the infinite passion, peace, and magic that lives in every moment. Shiva & Shakti are making love inside you with every breath!

Jai Sita Ram, Happy Valentine’s day Everyday!

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