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I wonder what you have to share as well?


I went from sea to snow and happy to be here for now. In the mountains, seeing my sons and beloved friends, coaching my YoginiPreneurs from a cabin tucked in the woods, and feeling what life is like in the U.S. after a year of being in the land of Pura Vida!

It’s pretty intense to be honest. Wearing masks more than I’m used to, quarantine, testing, not being able to hug friends, the controversy around to vaccinate or not, and just the all-around feel of what people have been through in my own country that there is no way I can possibly understand from not having lived it.

So much seems surreal this past year, and we have all been through so much in so many ways same and different, but it’s my hope that we will continue to come together more and more each day. The virus, the politics, the racial unrest, the economy, the children learning from screens, the rise in depression and mental conditions, the continued planetary crisis, all of it.

I’m doing my part but never feel that it’s enough. Gratefully I coach an amazing group of women to bring their gifts to the world that needs it so much, and that makes me feel a teeny bit better to be a part of, and I keep looking for more ways to get involved while i walk my healing journey.

I wonder what you have to share as well?

You are capable of so much more than you think you are, and sometimes it takes these hard times to bring it out. For the people, the children, the creatures, the lands that are borderless in the eyes of Spirit.

How may I serve Thee?

Om Namah Shivaya global familia!


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