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Jackie Just...

Came into my yoga studio Yoga for the Peaceful as ski bum in her 20’s, quickly became not only the manager but one of the best teachers I’ve ever trained, stayed by my side as I shifted into coaching yoginis and became the other head coach in my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs program for the past 5 years, and as I leave behind that career path, she is now taking the baton to start off on her own coaching business, Yoginis on a Mission.

Top that all off with being a beloved friend to my whole family, soulsister, my favorite ayurveda chef, surf buddy, and so much more, I am proud to showcase this amazing woman to all of you!

Check out her program for heart-based yoginis who are ready to serve their gifts, build their business, have an abundant income, make a difference in the world, and deepen their self love and empowerment while doing

it! I’m so proud of her, and grateful she has taken all that I’ve been blessed to learn, given it her own personal twist, and creating offerings for spiritually-based women, Ayurveda health coaching, mala workshops, and so much more!

Lookout world, here comes Jackie Just! With a name like that, I guarantee you her heart has just as much of a blazing touch!

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