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Let it go

Just Freely, let go. A soul sister wrote this to me today and I want to share it withyou: “Let go of any “otherness”, of any sense of having to be or do something, let go of having to present yourself in a certain way. Let your heart and mind be free, to imagine a different way of living and being that resonates with where you are right now. There is nothing that you have to live up to - you ARE already living in alignment with your highest expression. These times are an illumination, a time to really SEE what is and can be. Praying for our country, our families, our friends and loved ones. Each day is Precious, each moment is a gift. And better days will rise, with all of our collective energy supporting a new way of being.” And so it is! . When you have soul sisters and a community of people you have magnetized from your desire to be your highest self, you get gifts like these when you need it the most. Thank you Susan M. Harp, thank you my satsang, thank you to the women in my mentorship group,thank you friends on the path. Ram, Ram, life is a blessing!

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