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Let's keep the love bombs flowing!

The past week I was the lucky recipient of several back to back love bombs! I can’t tell you how perfect the timing was to my tender heart and I am so grateful!

Powerful testimonials from the women in my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs group as we ended our year together, a woman I didn’t know stopping me on the beach with a heartfelt compliment, my photographers disbelief of my age,

(Mark Nadir, took this pic btw which looks like i’m in heaven), a student friend who loved my yoga class, some extra special comments on my posts, a call with a yoga teacher friend interested in my 2021 group who said “you are more powerful + influential than you know!”, and one of the best ones from my son that a single mom waits her whole life to hear topped it all off!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I honestly needed that!

I humbly share with you because I tell the women in my group how important it is to acknowledge yourself and celebrate each other’s successes. Great leaders know the fine art of self validation, and not to rely on outside sources to fill your cup, (something I am still working on!) but it sure is a blessing when the world pats you on the back at the moment you needed it most.

Let’s keep the love bombs flowing! A kind word goes a long way these days. You just don’t know what people have been through and it can literally change your whole day. It certainly did mine.

And don’t forget to keep love bombing yourself with yoga, mantra, meditation, prayer, superfood, nature, and gratitude. We’re on a wild ride, so keep polishing up your effulgent heart so you can keep on serving your gifts to the world.

RamRam, love yourself and you love the world!

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