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Like dog, Like owner

My little Shanti is super tiny, an adventurous world traveler, loves to stroll the beaches, hike in the forest, she’s got wild hair (dreads to be exact!), loves to snuggle, and is devoted to those she loves!

Like dog, like owner; she’s a lot like me! She also happens to have bark that can pierce your eardrums and I too can snap and react at times. It has brought suffering to myself and others and I really want to stop this pattern because I believe in the healing of sacred speech and know this is the me I want to embody.

I have been inspired by The Noble Eightfold Path to transform it because this teaching of the Buddha helps us see how lying, backbiting, harsh speech, and idle chatter can be transformed through the wisdom of knowledge, mindfulness, and Right Action.

This humanness is where we are given the chance to face, address, and transform our patterns so that we can be a more beneficial presence, and stop the cycles of dysfunction in our families and culture. Through the power of our practices and commitment to our own self work we can heal the world. One by one.

May we all honor our speech as the treasure that it is.

And let it begin with me.

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