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Lions Gateway

It seems we are all in our hero/heroines journey. Courage comes in many forms, and tends to appear when times get tough to show us what we’re made of. When you survive something you didn’t think you could. Been there. When you take on a challenge before you think you’re ready. Been there. When you screw up and still manage to humble down. Been there. When you have to ask for help. Been there. When you stand up and speak, teach, sing, dance, etc, in front of a big group and your voice is shaking or tears start flowing and you pull it off. Been there. When you just don’t think you can. But you do. Been there. All humans living on the planet now are being called to awaken more courage. Grateful to be sharing my story and practices at virtual event, Catalyzing Courage, August 1-8, where the 2nd brightest star in the sky, (other than the sun!) Sirius, is appearing in the sky and aligning with Orion‘s Belt, for what is called the Lions Gateway. This is a portal that signifies new beginnings, a time of heightened creativity, intuitive awakening, visioning, wo/manifesting, and perhaps a new chapter for life on spaceship Earth. I can’t think of a better time to come together with the opportunity to look courage in the eye of our own soul and transform our selves and the world. 🌟 Topics include trauma, speaking up for yourself, relationships, death, sobriety, sexual identity, racism, health, financial loss, and more!

Investment is the generous and magical angel number 111, not to mention no one will be turned away due to finances, and free to our melanin rich family! Join me and a lineup of powerful, courageous, extraordinary humans. We got this! XOXO Info below!

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