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Wow familia we are in an auspicious portal! And do we all need it or what!? The galaxy is giving us a gift, let’s open our lion hearts and receive! The new moon tomorrow falls on numerology power number 8/8 which represents infinity . It is also the Lions Gate Portal, which is a magical time when the sun is in Leo and the magical star Sirius moves closer to the earth. This is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is known as our spiritual sun. Lions Gate is said to bring luck, love, abundance, and optimism to our lives and helps reduce negativity and pessimism. If we open the mystic door of our heart to this astrological event, it can be a potent time for major realizations, transformation, manifesting our heart felt desires, and accelerating our spiritual growth! Tips to maximize this time: Prioritize rest, drink lots of water, meditate, do yoga, journal, and dream vision a peaceful planet and envision yourself becoming a more beneficial presence on the planet living your soul purpose in ways that fill you up with love and joy. Consider unplugging, spending time in nature, and minimizing superficial activities. No matter what your past reality, goals, and dreams were, we are living in a new world now and you can always re-define and change your desires to match your true hearts calling and what the world needs now. This is a time to ignite + believe in your dreams, and know that you will be supported. I’m right there withyou, praying for all, my own family + self, our beloved planet, and for us all to come together as a unified front despite any differences. We are a human family, cut of the same cloth, don’t stop believing in miracles + magic! Om Namah Shivaya! photo @marknadirworx art @reinayogini

— at Lions Gate.

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