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Love Heals All Wounds!

Cheyne and divine grace delivered me to my fathers Zen artisan home in Vermont yesterday! What could be better on such a day than to be embraced by the muladhara of a father‘s love and strength!?

I am proud to be a woodcarvers daughter, and grew up my whole life surrounded by every medium and opportunity to create beautiful things with my hands and heart. Just the smell of wood alone soothes my soul, and top that off with my dad‘s powerful and calloused hands wrapped around me!

You may not know this about me, but this California/Colorado girl lived in Vermont for the first three years of my initiation into motherhood! My second son Skye was actually born here (at home in a horse trough water birth!), I had an organic vegan pancake mix home business here, and got to experience the quaint and wholesomeness of this beautiful state!

So from the jungle of Costa Rica to the Green Mountains, here I am for some healing time with the dad who gave me so much of my quirk + heart, and surely there will be some carving happening with my little hands as well!

I pray you all get some family healing, get a little dirty with some art, and remember:

LOVE HEALS ALL WOUNDS! More woodArt at Hugo Mesa Studio!

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