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Love is your hOMe!

There is a Tibetan saying that wherever you have friends, that is your country, and wherever you receive love, that’s your home.

I just sold my home in the mountains to a new chosen family member in my life, Tyler Lucas, who I am certain will live in this sacred space and continue the legacy of my special artisan earth eco house to be a sanctuary for himself and all who rest in its straw clay walls.

I thought I’d live there for the rest of my days, but life is change and we never know when the road may guide us in a new direction. Letting go of mountain living and this town with its majestic mountains that embraced me and people who joined me in raising my sons, held me through the ups and downs of life, joys and sorrows that I couldn’t have endured alone, and given me just what I needed to grow, heal, and bring my gifts to the world through my yoga studio, festival, and dharma path.

Aloha; hello and goodbye, nothing ever dies, and this home and place live in my heart forever. I bow to the mountains that held me up, I bow to the people who joined me over 2 decades, I bow to my sons who blessed me to be their mother, I bow to my beloved giving me a new place to call home, I bow to the Godforce that is so generous, I bow to this next cycle of life and the sea that beckons a whole new season of living, loving and serving.

Ramram familia, the world is your country, and love is your hOMe!

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