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Love the ones you're with!

When life brings you people who walk beside you through it all, got your back, hold you, cheer you, love your light and shadow, and share in making dreams come true, you know you’re a lucky being.

Jackie Just is one of those people. From a wee bit ski bum, to managing my studio Yoga for the Peaceful, becoming one of the best teachers i’ve ever trained, to being one of the head coaches in my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs Group, to sharing the mountain spirit and surfing waves side by side, we do it all for the love of bringing more light to the world.

Over 20 years younger and many ways wiser, we’re a team. True leaders lift others up, blow wind under their wings and even let their light shine brighter than yours sometimes. I’m honored that this is my dharma path.

We’re here together, planning our next annual group of Yoginis on a Mission, creating, dreaming, planning all the 1008 things, for you. Meanwhile she cooks amazing ayurveda meals for us, we watch stupid movies, bake cookies, pull cards, laugh, craft, do our spiritual practices, and live this precious human life with souls on fire to make the world a better place.

We are coming to you LIVE today on my Soul on Fire Satsang! page, at 11:11 mst to share how yoga + ayurveda can bless your life.

RamRam, love the ones you’re with! XOXO

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