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Love the ones your with!

I’m in Colorado at the moment, but a piece of my heart is in Costa Rica! My last sunset there on the beach was captured by my amazing cameramen friend Mark Nadir. I’ll let you guess about who’s who! Pavi, my surf soulsister, who I met auspiciously one day on our way to the surf which was way too big and sloppy for us both, so we ended up walking and talking on the beach and realized we were placed divinely on each other’s path to learn from, grow, and support each other. What a gift! Kristin, probably the sunniest, kindest, happiest person I know who spreads joy everywhere she goes. When I was just about to leave Nosara, she is the one who gave me the reason and the final nudge to stay, which turned out to be for over a year. The first day I met her she embraced me like I’ve known her all my life, and her family is now like a family to me. Nathy, the daughter I never had, with her own two daughters to delight me, who gave me the chance to give, and gave me so much more! Rachael, decades younger than me, my neighbor, showing me that youth can be wise, regal, and be ageless friends. She joined my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs so I get to be her coach and mentor, and she is teaching me so much as well! Mark, the man behind the lens, with a gentle heart, a raging Spirit, and a creative genius that sees me and somehow makes me look good too! The place is exquisite, but the people are unforgettable. There are many more who have touched me forever. I’ll be back, but until then, you live in my heart! Love the ones your with!

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