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Love Yourself

And You Love the World!

What do I mean by that you may ask?!

It’s so profoundly simple yet so complex. It’s so much easier to love others. It can be hard to love ourselves when we see all our flaws, mistakes we may have made in life, and compare ourself to others. We may have tracks running through our head of hurtful things that others have said or done to us.

Yet, when we remember that we are these miraculous humans full of the Godforce, mysteriously placed upon this earth to shine and serve our gifts, we realize it’s our responsibility, honor, and sacred opportunity to show our gratitude for this precious human life by loving ourselves, and by doing so the whole world wins!

HOW do we love ourselves is something that each of us gets to design for what we need to heal, grow, and feel love. Yoga, meditation, mantra, healing music, breath work, plant medicine, dance, food from the earth, mantra, nature time, heart brain coherence practices, being in Satsang (sacred community), serving in ways that can make a difference in your community/world, crafting + creating beauty with your own hands, and anything that’s your soul on fire!

When you love yourself, you are a true gift to all, so don’t be shy, wrap your arms around yourself and love yourself up!


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