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Loving Yourself.

Now really think about this one. No matter who or what the God of your understanding is ~ Source Energy, Great Spirit, Universal Power, whatever it is, it’s big! When this message came to me, I was sitting in deep meditation at Amma’s Ashram in India. I was in a blissful state feeling grateful and so much love for the Divine. And suddenly Cheyne channeled this message to me loud and clear; “Mom, can you love YOURSELF as much as you love God!?” I was thunderstruck, because I love God so much, my devotion is so deep and wide, I was like omg, that’s a lotta love, can I love myself THAT much?! Cheyne said, YUP, that’s right mom. So here I am. Here we are. The greatest love affair of our lives. To love God, to know you are ONE, and to love yourself. THAT MUCH. RamRam, Love Yourself and You Love the World!

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