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Mantra Power!

Mantra Power! This is how i spend the first hours of the day, and the last hours. In prayer and mantra.

We have been given these practices from Mother India and the holy traditions. To cleanse the mind and attach ourselves to the Divine presence inside and ever present. To remember we are One with it. With all the 1008 things to do and be, here we can rest in the Infinite and merge with our Essence.

What are the practices that bring you to this quiet knowing despite all that has happened and is happening?

These times are calling us inward to find our courage to be who God (Inside) wants us to be, stand for our causes, help shift this world, be a light for the planet, for all. These times are calling for you to RISE. For me to rise. I can sit here all day and gaze at the sea, chant my mantras, and feel the peace beyond all circumstances. But the moment comes to lay the mala down, roll up, move the body into action, and live the prayer.

Here withYou.

Om Shreem Om. We’ll do this together, Goddess Yoga & Surf Retreat Mother’s Day Week in Costa Rica!

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