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May the New Moon Bless YOU!

It’s chilly here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, but spring is coming, the trees are budding, the birds are singing loudly, and Nature is calling us to awaken, plant our seeds, and bloom. I got all bundled up, took my meditation and prayer beads outside this morning, and let the squirrels, the sounds, the standing people, (trees) and the birds be my teacher. Such a luxury and a blessing to merge with the earth and remember she is me. She is you. When was the last time you sat outside, wherever you are, for a moment or more, skygazing, stargazing, pond gazing, bird gazing, tree gazing, ocean gazing, river gazing, creature gazing, I highly recommend it! Shivering, sweating, wrapped n layers, do it!

This bliss I am so grateful for, and I know inspires me to walk more lightly upon the earth and give back all she has given us. May these dark moon days before the new moon bless you with the majesty of Ma, and lure you inwards to embody your wildest beautiful self!

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