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May we all be devotees of LOVE.

Oh man i love sliding into Hanumanasana! This monkey deity represents faith in Ram, (God), love, devotion, strength, and courage!

Calling in the spirit of Hanuman, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa or Ram Nam: repeating the name of God over and over: ramramramramramramram, we become One with these qualities.

It is said that when we devote ourselves to Hanuman whatever needs to be done can be done, whatever needs to be undone can be undone, and whatever seems impossible becomes possible.

This is the faith that directs and inspires my life, and this is the faith that I believe can change the world. Every life challenge that comes my way I bow to my Hanuman spirit and carry on loving, serving, remembering that God and I are ONE and with faith, courage and love, every little things gonna be alright.

Sending out my Hanuman love to all, carry on and don’t stop believing!

RamRam, may we all be devotees of LOVE.

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