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Move the Way Love Moves

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This song called Soulmate by friend, coach, healer, musician J Brave & featuring Braxton has a cool story behind it that’s my little secret for now.

There is love locked inside our bodies that is released through movement that mirrors nature, the waves, the wind, the trees, and the creatures. It’s a call to awaken, to merge, to be One with all that is. The magic of yoga, dance, and all the movement arts can awaken desire for sacred union with the beloved inside.

I’ve been doing this dance, these body prayers, for so long now and it’s my honor and joy to bring it to others. Yet each year I walk the earth I also know it’s time to pass the torch on to the next generation and see what is needed, what they bring to the evolution of what the world needs from yoga. As I mentor and coach more now than I teach, it gives me the chance to listen to what my Spirit body wants now, how it wants to move, and hear deeply how I can support this next evolution of yoga teachers to keep bringing their healing touch to the world through the yoga that came to us from Mother India to them.

I remember hearing a great teacher once say that the sacred texts believe that if yoga came to you in this life, you are a lucky being.

I’m a lucky being.

Ramram, take refuge in your practice in these times and let it move through you like the greatest lover you ever had...

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