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My 3 Sons!

Costa Rica-Dallas to have a long weekend with my sons was so nourishing! Even Cheyne made his appearance known with unmistakable signs, and I felt that very special mother love that only your sons can give you!

Laughter, tears, great conversations, jumping off pool time fun, watching the old Top Gun, (and then the new one!), making our famous Sunday breakfast on Monday, rad meals at some of Dallas’s finest, roasting marshmallows on an open fire even though it was over degrees, and being graciously hosted in a beautiful home from longtime friends that were back in my old stomping grounds enjoying the Crested Butte summer bliss.

Well that’s a wrap, my cup is full and that’s a good thing because I’ve got some big stuff to handle on my platter, a book to publish, a new course to launch (details coming soon for this really special offering I’ve never done before!), and lots of big and small miracles to womanifest!

I love my sons and I’m a lucky mama!

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