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My Book!

My book, co-written with channeled messages from my son Cheyne, was released in digital on his birthday, full moon, Easter, and Passover weekend!

I think other than birthing my sons, this has been the greatest offering of my life. It has taken so much courage to put my heart, his words, our words, and hopes for helping people heal, deepen their self love, and learn about how to prevent and survive suicide, out into the world.

From my womb came Cheyne, and as I birth this book out into the world, I want to thank everybody who bought it, (and made it a bestseller in 5 different categories!) to my publisher, Monique Alvarez, my “WithYou Forever” launch team, my friends, family, Soul on Fire Journey group, to the one whose holding my heart, and to all the people already leaving me messages of gratitude after staying up all night reading it, finishing it on the airplane, crying, healing, tears, feeling understood, and so much more, all I can say right now from my deepest heart is

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

And for those of you beautiful souls asking for the hardcopy to hold in your hands, coming soon, my loves!


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