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My heartfelt offering.

I’d absolutely LOVE to celebrate that spirituality AND money can have a very good marriage! I feel that no one should be turned away from yoga due to income, and I also believe that yoga teachers deserve to have abundance. It’s one reason I took my experience as a yoga studio owner, teacher trainer, creator of a festival, and teaching retreats abroad to help Yoginis learn strategies to create their own Soul Signature System to be able to merge having impact AND an income to match the power of serving their gifts. We don’t learn how to make money in yoga teacher trainings, and many of us are not business people motivated by money, yet we know that if we have more money we will be able to help more people! 2022 Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs on a Mission is my offering to support women to make a difference in the world in a way that also gives you the abundance you need to keep a living your dream. We teach you how to create a freedom based business, where you can live, travel, and work from wherever you are in the world, in the “give to grow” business model where you align yourself with a cause that you believe in, and that spiritually motivated women on a mission deserve to have wealth and true fulfillment! Our doors are open now to those of you who are ready to rock, need the support of an epic sisterhood and coaching team to guide and cheer you on, and are ready to have a transformational year to rise and shine. Complementary call with me, tell me your dream, link below! Mark Nadir

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