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My Solar Return!

Another year passes to look back in astonishment of all that was all that came to be all the growth, lessons, realizations, healing, grace, grief, and glory.

This being human. Cracks in my heart revealed all that needed to be seen released acknowledged loved accepted and chosen.

The sun has pierced my soul and every cell is awakened i’m here taking those final steps to come out of the chrysalis tenderly bravely loving my little baby self and all.

I surrender to this next cycle i know not exactly where the journey will take me next but my butterfly wings are opening i leave behind the past and i trust believe and have faith that my path is lit and i will be guided and led by LOVE.

withYou all in this holy embrace of living our sacred paths with a soul on fire and gratitude for YOU who have been by my side and for the gift of this precious human life.

Taking a digital detox to retreat into my heart and back in a week or so!

RamRam, Love Yourself & You Love the World!

@marknadirworx graphics @reinayogini

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