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New Moon in Aries

Holy Moly Friends, we got the sun and moon both in Aries today, can you feel it?!

I don’t know about you, but those last few dark nights leading up to the new moon are always so intense for me. Oh the joys and tribulations of gazing at the shadows of self and life. It kinda sucks sometimes, but it must be done!

I have been doing big work on myself in releasing old belief patterns and creating new super-powered ones!

I am grateful to be in a Mind Elevation course with Arjuna O'Neal (whom I highly recommend, you have to hear his story + will be truly inspired!) and another one with Soulmate Coach Kristin McHarg! Somehow the combination of these, along with my own bhakti yoga and meditation practices, is creating an alchemy to propel me to the next stage of my evolution and the way I can support others.

How can the healing and spiritual process be more fun? Light? Effortless?

I’m exploring that!

What works for you?! Tell all my friends!

Since this new moon falls in the first sign of the zodiac, in astrology it is considered the beginning of a new year! May this fiery sign symbolizing courage, bravery, taking action, speaking up, and manifesting catapult you into harnessing your superpowers to creating love and peace inside, and bringing it out into the world XOXO

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