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New Moon in Cancer

This is the second new moon in Cancer we have had this year. Cancer is about family, home, and love. All new moons give us the opportunity to begin a new cycle, to align ourselves with the highest good for ourselves, for our planet, for all our brothers and sisters and creatures we share our hOMe with. It’s also a moment to reset, to pause, to rest inside our own heart. Who could use a little morelove, kindness, ease, and joy?

To get it from outside of ourselves is a true blessing to be grateful for! Ahhhh, yet to be able to master your own microcosmic planet of self, and give yourself all that you need, is a power we all have inside of ourselves. These are times to hone all of your inner resources as well as reaching out for help when you need it.

Did you catch that? REACH OUT for help and support when you need it. As Chief Seattle said long ago, the time of the Lone wolf is over!

I believe you have everything inside of you that you need to heal, to step into your highest evolution as the world needs you now more than ever, and to be your holiest self. I also know that whatever support you need is available. Call it in, seek it out, set aside your fears, and open your arms to receive. Many of us in the healing arts have hearts bursting to serve you, let us in, ask us questions, take us up on our offers, let us love you.

May this new moon strengthen your inner and outer resources, bless you with all the love, kindness, compassion, and courage that you need for these transformative times, and may you align yourself with the vision for your world and our world to be deeply fulfilling, just, and peaceful.

Infinitely grateful to share my special power of practice online course with you, full of the teachings and practices that have been my salvation, all for you, info in comments.

Ram Ram familia, let’s do this!


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