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New Moon in Taurus

Happy New Moon!

I’m enjoying being in the circle of amazing women on the Yoga & Surf Retreat I am teaching in Costa Rica, and inspired by this earthy Taurus moon!

I wonder if you all enjoy these astrological markers to pause and go inwards? Ayurveda plays such a huge role in yoga, and astrology and living with the rhythms of nature is a special part of it. The time leading up to the new moon

as the sky gets darker and darker guides us inwards to reflect and face our shadows. Lately for me it has seemed that there has been a lot to face and a lot of persistent self study and awareness to address.

I always look forward to this opportunity to begin anew and reimagine the next 30 day lunar cycle ahead. With the moon in Taurus it’s a wonderful time to reconnect with Pachamama, get grounded with everything that has been going on in our lives and the world, break out of limiting beliefs, and see which areas we can expand, take action, and re-create our sacred intentions for the benefit of all beings.

I am exploring my relationship with finances, improving my communication skills, looking at ways I can get more involved with mental health, suicide prevention, food relief, and climate change. I always list out seven in my journal, but these are just a few! What are some of your new moon intentions?!

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