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New Moon Love Letter

Dear Sangha, How are you? This question is so often answered with the patterned response, “fine.”  Sometimes I wish that question could transform into:  How is your heart?  How is your soul?  How is your body temple? Your mindstream?  Your relationships?  Perhaps when someone asks us the 'how are you' question, we can pause for a moment and answer from a place of truth and authenticity. Perhaps when we ask this question we can ask with our gaze and heart, and listen deeply.  We have a new moon in Gemini, the planet associated with communication. We have three planets in retrograde, so with all this we have an invitation from the stars to generate thoughts, words, and actions charged with love, compassion, kindness, generosity, patience, and love. Towards ourselves, all our relations, our human family, and even to our planet. We may have no idea what the person behind the counter, on the phone, or on the screen is going through. Even our furry friends and fellow creatures could use a little extra love these days. They feel it too! Words have the power to change matter, and so do your thoughts, prayers, and even the elevated electromagnetic field of your body after yoga and meditation. The old paradigm is crumbling and we all have the sacred opportunity now to become an active participant in changing the future. We all know that this begins with our own holy selves. I have never been more grateful to be a part of disseminating the healing practices of meditation, Ayurveda, and Bhakti yoga; the path of love, service, and devotion. I have taken refuge in these practices through all the ups and downs of my life, and I believe with my heart and soul they are helping change the world now. I am still on solo retreat in the jungle of Costa Rica, living day and night in nature with the sky as my roof, the ocean as my neighborhood, the creatures as my friends, and the warm breeze as my lover. Hours upon hours to let Earth Mother heal, peel away layers, recharge, and speak to me. I am listening to how I can be more of a beneficial presence on the planet in this next chapter of my life. I am infinitely grateful for this blessed time, and pray that when I emerge back into society that I will continue to be a force of action and inspiration to make this historical shift together.  Every random act of kindness, generosity, every breath, extended hand, and downward facing dog counts.  So many love offerings for you here from my own heart and from people and organizations I believe in!  All for You! Aho Metaquasin (All my relations), Monica  PS-  I have taken a temporary hiatus off of social media to allow myself to get quiet and go inwards, but please know my Facebook artist page, YouTube, and website will continue to be updated.

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