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No one can love you

Updated: Jan 19

the way YOU can love you

self love may sound a little cliche but i believe it’s the key to saving humanity

and certainly ourselves and our children

the self love journey for me has been essential to move through the challenges life has given me and the portal has been through my own body

your body is the holiest temple where you can love yourself the way only you can

you hold the key

let your body breath and mind love you in all your colors shapes feelings and uniqueness

21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana 1/11-1/31:

learn ways to pray with your body, love yourself with your breath, and use your mind as mantra so the whole world can receive your sacred vibration  

those who dedicate themselves to these ancient healing technologies are the ones who are changing the world

is it you?

no matter what your age (i’m 58!) the moment is NOW

this was filmed on location at the epic Gitana del Mar in Colombia and the music is nature and your beautiful beating heart!

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