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NOW is the time to step into your power!

When I do yoga, teach, or start talking about the power of practice, I get lost in love. This also happens when I get excited about someone else's dreams, help them find out what their dream is, and how to get there.

Problem is, there are so many distractions that can take you away from staying on your purpose. Family, bills, day-to-day stuff, life. Inner obstacles that block you from believing in yourself and having the courage or tools to take action. As a woman, we have so much on our plate these days. Yet, we want to be of service and make a difference in the world. We want to be in our power. We want to have love AND money and not feel guilty about it. We want to feel good about thriving AND serving our gifts. We want to access and utilize the immense power that lies inside. We want to sing, dance, speak up, and rise to what God/dess wants us to do and be.

This is the passion behind my Soul on Fire Yoga Teacher Mentorship Course this year that begins in a few weeks. Women need a different kind of support than men. There is a feminine way to access our power and leadership, and this is what I am passionate about helping women access. I think some women are afraid to be powerful. What will people think?!!! Well siSt🌟rs, if you have that taste in your mouth, spit it out. NOW is the time to step into your power. The world, the planet, all the creatures, and beings on the planet need what you are holding inside you. Not the time to keep it inside. I'm here to be your guide and awaken that passion, and give you the tools and strategies to make some big leaps, so please connect if I'm talking to your soul, and take me up on a complimentary call to see if this is the year for you.


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