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Now it's time to rest!

So, if you haven’t noticed I have been working really hard the past few months at preparing for my annual Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs group. It officially began yesterday, with the most amazing women from all over the world. My team and I have put a lot of effort into creating the best program and magnetizing just the right women.

And now it’s time to rest. I know what I will be doing, and whom I will be serving, for the rest of the year. Other than mentoring and coaching these beautiful souls, I can focus on my creative projects, the two retreats I am doing in 2021 (Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat in May, and Spiritual India Goddess Retreat in October!), writing my book, reading a juicy novel sounds good, doing arts and crafts, deepening my spiritual practices, continuing on my grief/happiness journey, surfing, getting more active in the causes I believe in, making space for my friends, loved ones, AND my beloved.

Yup i said it. Puttin’ in out there for a sacred surprise whenever the Goddess deems the moment. Til then, I’m cozying up with my dog, the beloved that lives inside my heart always, and allowing myself to slow the rhythms down, just in time to honor mercury in retrograde coming up! Having injured my ribs in a surf accident means more slow walks on the beach, laying in my hammock, and receiving the grace that is this NOW moment.

If that sounds easy to you, it’s not so easy for me. Having been a single mom for 20 years means I am untying the work work work never stop cycle, so it’s a great unlearning, like so many things we are un-learning about the world and the life we have created. So it’s my practice, this slowing down, this resting, this allowing, this trusting that all will be well.

May you all be well. May you have moments to rest in faith, and have ease of heart with your life and your blessed part in it.


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