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Om Mani Padme Hum

After the storms pass, sometimes it’s just nice to pause, talk less, listen inside, let it all integrate and just BE. I am used to hustling as a recovering single mom and entrepreneur and it seriously takes dedicated practice to NOT keep coming up with another project, course, idea, or action items i must do.

In my Buddhist studies, I have found much wisdom in Machig Labdrons words:

“Rest in the way of a corpse. Rest in the way of being ownerless. Rest the mind in the way of the sky.”

Last year i took a wonderful SkyMind course through Tara Mandala International Buddhist Community sharing Machigs wisdom, and I recommend it to anyone who truly wants to feel that deep state of radical self acceptance, the invitation to rest, tap into the dignity of simply being, the birthright of your brilliance, and free your self from the stronghold of striving constantly for some thing just outside of your reach, when everything is already HERE.

So, i’m practicing feeling like I am enough, I’ve accomplished enough, and I’m dealing with life‘s ups and downs well enough to just enjoy where I am at the moment and and practice allowing my mind to be like the sky, open, empty, and complete. Om Mani Padme Hum; The jewel is in the lotus.

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