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On the the edge.

Oh man, July was bereaved parents awareness month, and because September is the three year mark (feels like 3 months) my son Cheyne went to the world of formless, July was heavy. Many times I felt like I was on the edge of a cliff, just holding on with faith and the Divine Power that gratefully brings me all the people, places, and just the messages I need. I think it’s great that there is a month to bring awareness to people like me who have lost a child. Most people don’t know what to do with us, what to say, or how to support us, and I’m so grateful for those that do. On the very last day of the month, this message came to me from a special friend: “ I see you carrying your grief in front of you, like a bundle of wood. You hold it and carefully place it on the Earth. Then you look at it, and allow others to look at it with you. You honor it. We honor it. You give it a shape and a size. You give it colors. You help us understand it even when it seems impossible to understand. You don’t hide anything about it. You make its darkness light. I know with my whole being that this is not easy… That this is the bravest thing I have ever seen…That the magic of transforming your grief into a love that touches everyone you know is a miracle. When that grief finally sets you free – and I know it will - remember that you made miracles with it.” @judeb84 Things like that give me strength, hope, and determination. Thank you @judeb84 . Thank you all. Thank you Cheyne. Thank you God. It’s a new month, a new day, a new opportunity to find joy in living, loving, and serving. @marknadirworx

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