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One day, one moment at a time

People have been wondering how I do it.

It seems like I’ve found peace and happiness and how did I do that?

Social media is notorious for showing the roses and not the thorns. It has always been my intention to show up authentically so I hope you have seen the full garden. The qualities of a Yogini, a leader, a mentor, and a human I want to embody are the full spectrum of being human.

So I want to say there is still deep pain and grief. It is a lifelong journey to learn to live without my son in this physical reality. I awake everyday with the ache in my heart and womb still. I have days and moments where I am shook to the bone with tears and inconsolable sadness. But after decades of learning and practicing yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra, astrology, reading sacred texts, studying attraction based consciousness, Tibetan Buddhism, Abraham Hicks, Bhakti, learning Access Consciousness, and being surrounded by the best people and guides on the planet, I have been able to shift. To raise my vibration. To feel the love that has no beginning and no end. To remember the truth that there is no death. To know that he is now at peace and in his pure positive self I always saw. To learn a new way to live in Spirit that is not bound by this earthbound reality. To catalyze the love for my son into serving and supporting others in their challenges and dreams. To see this existence as a sacred opportunity to live with a blazing heart that can hold the sorrow of the ages, grow my capacity for compassion, and not take any moment, person, or experience for granted. As a woman of deep faith, it is my responsibility to accept what my Guru, God, Great Spirit has brought me. This is the walk. I am opening to this on a daily basis and my love for God is greater than my pain. My desire to love and be a beneficial presence gives me purpose. It pulls me through. And that is what is behind the tears, the smile, and the will to rise up again and again. One day, one moment at a time.

Godspeed beloveds. 🙏🏾♥️

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