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Claim Your Worth!

I have been working pretty hard these last few weeks. The “business” of yoga requires us to show up, create posts, content, images, a representation of who you are and what you do so that those whom you are meant to serve are effortlessly drawn to you. It’s not always easy, right sisters?! Putting yourself out there like that, facing your fears, opening up your diary to the world, digging deep to believe in yourself and that you can make a difference in other peoples lives. Yet, what I tell the women in my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs Group is this: When your desire to SERVE is greater than your fear, you will get out of your own way, show up, and do what has to be done with love, grace, and authenticity. So here I am, opening my arms, calling you in, praying for the women that I am meant to embrace, hold, and support in their dreams to create a life of impact, abundance, and soul for an entire year! We become a powerful sisterhood that stands together through the wild ride we have no idea 2021 will be, celebrate each other, pray for each other, and watch each other grow, transform, and blossom into the highest version of their sacred selves! In just two short weeks, we will begin. The amazing women already in enrolled come from all over the world; South Africa, Mexico, UK, Argentina, Italy, Bangkok, Costa Rica, Germany, US, and more! If you’re ready, or just need a little support, to own your power, claim your worth, make a difference in the world, and live your soul purpose, I’m here for you! Link below for a complementary call with me, it’s my honor to be a part of creating this new world through empowering YOU. Ramram, Love yourself and you love the world!

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