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Plant Medicine

In the words of one of my beloved shamans who creates epic Huachuma/San Pedro ceremonies: “We come to pray, give thanks, celebrate life, learn, and grow. To heal and be healed through song, dance, spoken word, and community.” ~Eran Fakir We are all medicine people my friends. Whether we choose plant medicines, yoga, other movement practices, meditation, and all the varieties of healing modalities, we are living in times to receive AND give your sacred medicine. I am so grateful for the healing plant medicine journey I have been on that has been the perfect alchemy with my Bhakti, Buddhist and Yogini practices! I’m here for you if you have any questions, need referrals for shamans, medicine people, and ceremonies, will be offering “medicine for the people”retreats in 2022, as well as my one-one Yoga Transformation Journeys which include everything and anything that will support you in igniting your soul on fire to heal yourself and heal the world while you’re at it! RamRam, withYou and on my way to Colombia for an 11 day plant medicine retreat for my birthday gift to myself!

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