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Prayer can be on your hands and knees

In full prostration to the Earth

In secret moments you steal anywhere

And can also be done through your body

Yoga became a body prayer for me after I studied the roots of yoga, which come from Tantra, and include so much more than just “postures.”

Breath, meditation, mantra, tantra, devotion, and the realization that God & Self are ONE.

There are some people in the world who have a divine calling to help people experience this… and they tend to be idealists that think this kind of unity consciousness can heal the world.

That would be ME.

That’s what makes my 21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana so unique, transformative, and life changing if you are ready to blast your heart open and love yourself the way you were born to be loved.

The way God wants you to love you.

And the amazing fact that this is exactly what this crazy world needs now more than anything.


21 Days of bliss


for everyBody, every age!

ps- you can afford it

AND your worth it

Tell me, what’s missing in your yoga practice you’d like to deepen?

“Love Yourself & You Love the World!”

Listen for the jungle sounds, or play your fave song  and flow w me!

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