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Pura Vida!

Pura Vida!

About a year ago I landed in Costa Rica, thinking I’d just be here for about a month or so as I continued traveling around the world on my SoulFire pilgrimage. I was still a brunette, I was fresh from the Darshan that is Mother India, had my mission in mind for the year: Surf - Pray - Love, & Serve my causes along the way wherever I went, to heal my heart, continue supporting the women in my Soul on Fire group, and stay close to my sons despite the miles between us.

So much has happened since then, in my world, and in OUR world, yet I am happy to say as my beloved guru Amma says, I keep smiling. I keep praying, I keep doing my practices so that I can be a better person, I keep taking the focus off myself and put it back onto the Divine, keep finding ways to be a light, and learning about how to help myself and others create a new world paradigm.

It’s big work, I am exhausted, and I bet we all are! So let’s just keep loving ourselves up, having compassion for each other as we stumble and pick ourselves back up, and give thanks for the glory that is in every moment.

Shine on my friends. We are in this together.

Ramram (means God God One One) Keep chanting, keep praying, keep dancing XOXO

PURA VIDA, Thank you Costa Rica!

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