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Resting is a Luxury!

Resting is a luxury! It seems to me like these times are not about resting. These times are about praying with our shoes on, getting into action, showing up, getting involved, doing what has to be done to save the planet, our own relationships, and all of the causes before us. So getting up at the crack of dawn to do yoga and meditation practices might be one thing too many to add to the mix. But herein lies the secret! These sacred practices are what unleash our blazing souls, and give us the energy to be a beneficial presence for all. In a way, I consider this part of my luxurious “rest” time because it is the fuel. As a daughter of Colombian parents (Colombia i am praying for you!) I grew up with hammocks in and outside of our home, and I find myself again in a culture of hammocks here in Costa Rica. It’s a true blessing for just even three minutes to lay, swing, nap, meditate, snuggle, and enjoy a little bit of rest for our courageous bones. Join me for my 40 Day Soul on Fire Sacred Sadhana, starts July 1 (after we’ve recovered and awakened from eclipse season and mercury in retrograde!!) to be together in community and learn practices to love yourself so you can love the world! FREE Power of Practice Course when you join now, all in bio xoxo How are you getting sacred rest these days, what are your secrets, share with me and share with all so we can continue doing the blessed work of shifting the paradigm to one of peace, purpose, and LOVE! — at Resting Place.

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