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Riding the waves

Riding the waves. I got a few surf sessions in before I left Costa Rica after five weeks off from a surf accident that injured my ribs. It’s just what I needed before moving on to this next chapter going back to the States. I think some people that begin surfing later in life might be especially passionate about surfing like me. There are also plenty of surfers that are deep practitioners of yoga and meditation. It’s a magical combination!

Somehow all the varieties of waves and conditions has prepared me for walking into the unknown now, and my yoga and meditation practice is the anchor no matter where I go or what the conditions in my life are, I get up and I practice. I am so grateful for the teachings, the teachers, and the community that walks this path with me.

Creating a community with the women in my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs Group is a way I can support spiritually motivated women with the practices I have learned as an anchor to show up in the world, serve their gifts, and have an impact. So many of us struggle with putting ourselves out there, but I am here to remind you that when your desire to serve is greater than your fear, you just move your ego out of the way and let your heart lead. You show up. As you are. Trembling, fumbling, blushing, imperfectly perfect, that’s the way!

Keep doing your practices and you will align yourself with the courage and commitment to follow through on your dreams. Are you feeling me on this!?

Bring it familia. Surfin’ the waves withyou, taking refuge in my practice, listening to what’s next for me, and praying for the world. Ramram!

PS- Wanna surf w me!?Nosara Surf&Yoga Retreat in May, link below, proceeds to locals XOXO

Mark Nadir photoArt!

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