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Self Love.

I heard an affirmation like this many years ago, and it touched me so much I tweaked it a little bit to make it my own. Since then not only do I say it to myself every day, I have taught it to every single student friend that comes to me in teacher training, business coaching, at every retreat, festival class, to children, basically to everyone I know.

Many of us have been traumatized by words others have said to us, and by our own self talk that may run on auto pilot. The power of mantra and affirmation can replace all of that, until nothing else remains but a profound awareness of the love that you are!

You can make this a somatic affirmation by placing your hands on your heart and repeating it three times before you get out of bed, and anytime you need it throughout the day!

Ramram, Love yourself and you love the world!

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