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September is…

my birthday month-58! the month my son Cheyne left the planet 5 years ago the month my dad passed on last year suicide prevention awareness month the beginning of a new season an opportunity to keep smiling a time to be grateful for all the blessings in my life when i launch my new Soul on Fire Journey for rockin’ women in their fifties and sixties a month i have dreaded for the past five years that i have decided to reclaim as a month i unabashedly love myself, care for my heart, laugh more than i cry, be bold, unapologetic, and maybe even a little racy cuz wtf i deserve it, ask for support when i need it, go even deeper into my practices, love my mama up, eat all the mangoes and arepas i want, surf + love Colombia, and open up to magic, miracles, and infinite possibilities to live love and serve like never before! workin’ on a dream my friends.

what’s yours?


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