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Here we are. Sending our prayers out to the sea. Surfing together. Laughing, crying, sharing, loving, making magic when the waves of life are giving us the rides we never imagined being on.

I’m truly truly honored to be in the “business” of helping women to create a life that is spiritually fulfilling AND financially abundant. It’s not so easy when you are in the healing arts professions, where by your very nature you aren’t usually a business person, and you just want to give it all away!

I get it, that was me and it still is me, but I have found a way to thrive so that I can still give plenty away to the people and causes I believe in.

When I see such amazing yoginis struggling, I want to just put my arms around them and tell them, I know, I remember what that was like! It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

How can we create a healthy planet, a world that is socially just, where ALL can be free and fulfilled?

By serving YOUR gifts.

2021 Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs Group begins in just a few weeks, so I am praying and calling in the wild hearted spiritually motivated yoginis that understand that having an impact means you need to make MONEY, and that’s not a bad word, because when women make money they change the world!

Let’s do this sisters, take me up on a free call, link below, tell me your dream, and I’ll blow wind under your wings. This is my dharma path, because i know the world needs YOU!


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