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from my deepest heart! I didn’t know when I got to Costa Rica that here I would be doing such intense healing work! I knew that the surf therapy would heal a part of my Spirit that only the waves and ocean can do.

What I did not know is that I would meet shamans, taitas and healers from the world of plant medicine that have opened the door into this extraordinary world and community that for some insane reason has been kept behind closed doors for most of the world.

Interestingly enough many of these medicines come from my own root country of Colombia so it’s about time that I recognize this aspect of my rich heritage, and I plan on sharing it with all of you!

I am infinitely grateful to all of the people guiding me on this path, and I pray that we can bring this ancient wisdom to all who wish to receive the deep healing and magic of the plants that mother earth blesses us with!

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