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So many things Change and Evolve

Here’s a little secret!

Stopped into the studio i opened back in ‘06 in Crested Butte, CO (Yoga for the Peaceful!) which I sold and now operates under a new name and ownership.

So many things change and evolve, but it was so nice to see my Gurus still on the altar, and many of my favorite bhakti touches still there!

Walking down memory lane in the mountain town that I haven’t lived in for the past year and a half, but will always be my hOMe where I raised my children and actualized my dream of opening a Bhakti yoga studio based on unity in diversity, spiritually based yoga and meditation offerings, giving back to the community, and planetary awareness.

Many people come to yoga for fitness reasons or otherwise, but it’s my hope, and passion, to awaken hearts to the transformative power of these practices.

How many of you began yoga for fitness or injury and somehow ended up on the spiritual journey?

Not too many people know that I was a total fitness freak as a teen & young adult and came to yoga from a serious injury caused from my bodybuilding career! My professional baseball player boyfriend at the time suggested I start yoga, and though I laughed it off, I finally went in desperation. The rest, as they say, is history. The door to the spiritual journey of my lifetime opened, and I credit yoga with changing my life, saving my life, and giving me my dharma path.

You never know, maybe I will open another yoga studio one day, but until then I honor and respect all of the yoga studio owners out there in the world who had to close during these times, who are turning tricks to stay open, and to the ones who are boldly opening amidst these challenging times. You are doing holy work!

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