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So much...

So much...

To smile about under the canopy of the sun and stars, the earth holding us, and everything and everyone in between sharing light and love.

I have been blessed with extraordinary people, medicine men and women, shamans, healers, fairies, gurus, maha teachers, a son who speaks to me and sends powerful messages from the world of Spirit, my other two peaceful warrior sons, my soul dog by my side, plant medicine, yoga alchemy, buddhist wisdom, beauty above, beauty below, beauty all around me, grace, miracles, magic, abundance, so much.

So much...

To cry about the under the canopy of a world at war, people suffering, divisiveness, racial and social injustices bringing us to face the self and world we’ve created with our own dusty hands, borders and lands made by Great Spirit taken and exploited, creatures disappearing, oceans crying, so much.

So much...

We can each do to make a difference, pray with our shoes on, donate to a cause, spend with consciousness, do the practices that raise our vibration, lift others up, eat organic + low on the food chain, practice kindfullness, think positive, be grateful, reach out, ask for help, be vulnerable, show up, shed tears, cleanse our hearts, take off the masks, show our souls, so much...

May we all keep smiling. May we all keep crying. May we all dig deep and walk our s/heroes journey and be a beneficial presence for humanity.

Please share your causes and inspired actions, we are smiling and crying, together.

I’ve been inspired to offer a 40 Day Sacred Sadhana starting June 10 to share the power of practices to ignite your soul and make a difference in the world. More coming!

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