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Soul on Fire

Life circumstances can be so intense. Part of the Lila of life has its tragedies, dramas, and challenges. Accepting, transforming, and healing what has come to us in this life, past karmas, and what we’ve taken on from our ancestral lineage is part of deepening our consciousness and understanding our purpose in life. Through it all, I have found the ability to find joy inside, and in the simple and magnificence of life is key. I have been blessed to be surrounded by great masters, Mahatmas, and beings of so much wisdom and light, and they have shown me the way of joy that I am deeply grateful for. The grief journey is my life journey, and it is teaching me the joy journey is part of it as well. Reclaiming joy for the benefit of all beings that surround you, giving it back to mother earth, lifting the vibration on our planet, showing the children the simple ways of joy, and awakening the remembrance that joy was always there and can be re-ignited now, through it all; loving, serving, laughing, living your wild and blessed soul on fire. Reclaim joy!

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