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Soul on Fire Journey

Embracing myself and a new beginning adventure love and a new offering from my heart to embrace YOU Soul on Fire Journey begins on the Equinox! For women who want to be held by me, and an epic faculty of lightworkers to share wisdom about sacred practices that are not easy to find;

plant medicine, tantric sexuality, eating and cooking ayurvedically for radiant living, hormone health, womb wisdom & yoni practices, prana vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, mantra, heart + brain coherence, inner gifts + clairs, astrology, soulmate love, self love, purpose based living, abundance consciousness, transforming challenges into wisdom in action, and awakening your confidence and authentic soul on fire! So much more but there’s a taster! Join me and women from all over the world, cuz when you surround yourself in powerful womens circles, anything is possible, including healing yourself while you heal the world!

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