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Soul on Fire Retreats!

Retreat to Your Soul! It’s nothing short of miraculous that we were able to pull off a retreat with all of the restrictions, warnings, and fear around traveling! These goddesses are the brave souls that meandered their way through planes, trains, vans, automobiles, and continents! This is the first retreat I have taught since everything has happened, and I am so grateful and honored that i was able to do so! Retreat is such a great word, and such a much needed experience after everything we’ve all been through. For those of you who go on retreat, what are you looking to experience? My Soul on Fire Retreats are about giving yourself the gift adventure, pleasure, sisterhood, yoga, surfing, meditation, learning about the bhakti path, self-love, giving back, and igniting your soul to heal, empower, and embody your highest light! I want to send people home re-charged, inspired, hearts blasted open, and ready to rock their purpose and make a difference in the world, their families, and in their own personal lives! I will look forward to doing this again next year and pray we are all able to enjoy retreats again worldwide! Grateful to have been able to make a donation to organizations that I believe in, have included art throughout our week, local vegan chefs, healers, indigenous people and ceremony, kirtan, and the magic of sunset every day!

Let’s pray we can all be healthy and free to travel, retreat, be together, and give back to the world!

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