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Soul on Fire Yoginipreneurs

Soul on Fire; the name of my business supporting women to identify and live their soul purpose, came from a quote I saw on my son Cheyne’s page after he left his body. It has been the inspiration for not only my business, but my life this past year on pilgrimage and sabbatical from teaching yoga, teacher trainings, and the things I have done the past few decades. I miss the human contact and alchemy that happens in the yoga shalas but amazed with the sacred spaces created in the online temples.

It has been a year of stripping away the layers, leaving behind people, places, and things that no longer serve me. Deepening my practices, taking on new ones, receiving healing from the ocean, plant medicine, new teachers, places, and reclaiming the parts of my soul that were lost along the way.

How profound as we transform and heal our own souls, it can be one of the most powerful times to help others do the same. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to know it all, you don’t have to be the expert, you don’t have to have another training, you don’t have to wait.

The time, I believe is NOW. To come out of your shell, to serve your gifts, to believe in yourself, to accept your part in changing this world. I’m right there too.

With all the retrogrades, maybe it’s the moment to dream, to pray, to meditate, to listen to the call of your heart.

I will be here when you’re ready to take that next step and join me for a year of transformation, abundance, and impact. Soul on Fire Yoginipreneurs begins in the new year for those of you ready to rock it, just need a helping hand and a powerful global sisterhood of support.

When you believe in, and love yourself, you love the world!

Ram, Ram XOXO

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